Here in Yakima, we're pretty limited on our commercial flight options. Alaska Airlines to and from Seattle. That's it. Just Seattle.

Still it's more convenient to fly out of Yakima than drive all the way to Seattle, figure out the parking situation, pay way too much for parking, go through Seattle's TSA and all that so I do it pretty often, but would be nice if we had more options than just Seattle. Like if we could fly to other big cities.

Fortunately, we have Tri-Cities airport just about an hour drive away that offers plenty of more options like Denver, Salt Lake City, and Minneapolis with United and Delta, but if you're flying Alaska Airlines, even from Tri-Cities you'll still make that connection in Seattle.

Until now.

Or, at least until October of 2024.

When Can I Book PSC to LAX nonstop?

Tri-Cities Airport just announced an additional flight with Alaska Airlines to Los Angeles starting in October.

Starting October 1, 2024 you can fly from PSC to LAX nonstop. This is fantastic news!

It's also cheaper than making a connection in Seattle where before the average flight might be $340 with Alaska Airlines. Now this nonstop flight with Alaska Airlines will be as low as around $200 depending on the day of the week and all that.

What time is the PSC to LAX flights?

So far, it appears that it's just one flight daily at 7 a.m. having you arrive in Los Angeles at just before 10 a.m.

There's also only one non-stop returning flight but it's nice as it's later in the day. The returning nonstop flight leaves at just before 8 p.m. getting you back in Tri-Cities at 10:30 p.m.

So, yes, you can fly into LA, hang out for the day, then fly back at night, all in the same day. This would give you 10 hours but with LAX you'll want to return at least two hours early. Still, 8 hours around LA sounds pretty nice.

I might have to do that just because I can.

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