We hear so much about how women are portrayed on TV, movies, magazines, and advertising -- and body shaming has gotten a lot of attention, as have plus sized models and more.

Is it all political correctness or is there something to it?  What's the deal? A new study concludes that images seen in media are likely affecting you way more than you'd like to believe.

And THAT unrealistically raises men’s expectations and puts unnecessary extra pressure on women. Right?

Researchers showed pictures of both thin and plus-sized women to a group of men. Fifteen minutes before the experiment and then again after, the men were asked to create a woman of their ideal body size using computer images. Those who saw thinner models chose thinner ideal body shapes compared to what they chose prior to seeing the pictures.

Here’s the takeaway we should all keep in mind: The scientists believe seeing images of thin women in the media all the time likely has a similar, more lasting effect on men in Western society.

So guys, our tastes aren’t really our tastes -- they are Hollywood and Madison Avenue’s tastes. Is that reasonable and is it fair to the average girl next door?

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