Great weather is forecast for this weekend.  Adult beverages are forecast for every weekend!  What happens when these two forecasts combine?  Often - mosquito bites!

Is it possible your beverage of choice acts as a mosquito magnet? You bet mug it does!

Yahoo News reports, "If you love beer and have found that, in turn, mosquitoes love you, there's actually a legit correlation between the two! "

According to a study in the Journal of the American Mosquito Control Association, beer drinkers have a greater chance of being bitten because drinking beer puts ethanol in your perspiration and ethanol is the chemical green light go-ahead for these needle nosed flying assassins,

The study also shows, "mosquitoes are mostly interested in strong aromas and odors like that of a beer. So your skin will probably come across a lot more appetizing than that of your buddy who is drinking water or even tea."

Knowing all this should help you avoid triggering the little buggers, right?  Weeell, the problem is it only takes about 12 ounces of beer to have the bugs bearing down on you.

So you better buy some bug spray with every six pack you plan to drink outdoors.  Remember, mosquitoes don't honor social distancing.



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