A never ending topic on the Morning News is the availability of the COVID vaccine.  Listeners want to know when and where they can get it and our guest this morning on the show provided the definitive answer.  Lillian Bravo is the spokesperson for the Yakima County Health District and she joined us for an update on the new Pilot Community Vaccination Center.

Bravo says less than half the county has received the vaccine so far so there is a long way to go but the potential for progress is strong with a system capable of 1000+ shots a day, seven days a week opening today.

Bravo says appointments are required and almost everyone qualifies. For an appointment time go online to prepmod.doh.wa.gov  or call 1-800-525-0127 to set the appointment.  The actual shot process generally takes 3 minutes or less.

If you have questions about your eligibility you can check out the website for particulars.

The Health District has a mobile vaccine capability and local businesses and agriculture operations can contact the Health District to schedule up to 200 on site vaccinations per day.

Bravo says she finally got her vaccine and she feels a great sense of relief and she hopes the same for all county residents.  As far as antivaccination concerns, she says we are brave, we are a fighting community and we need to step up and get the shots under a hashtag of #Immunity for the Community.

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