Congratulation to the Los Angeles Rams and Yakima's own Cooper Kupp for winning Super Bowl 56 this past Sunday in LA.

It was an exciting game and at the end, a nail-biting win!

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Favored By God For Missing Out On the Last Ram Super Bowl

While the Most Valuable Player award could have gone to quarterback Matt Stafford or defensive lineman Aaron Donald, the trophy was awarded to Kupp.


Surprise?  Not to Kupp, who says he had a vision about it.




He told reporters he had a vision from God in 2019 foreshadowing the Super Bowl victory and MVP honors.

Numbers Don't Lie

The big game numbers were "Cooperesque" in nature considering his amazing 2021 season.  Nearly 100 yards (92) and multiple touchdowns (2).  Another day at the office for the humble Davis High School grad.

Days before the game Cooper's mom, Karin, appeared on the Morning News Radio Show and it was great fun and inspirational to visit with her.  I texted her a congratulatory note after the game and her response this morning was:

Thank you so much! Still "pinching ourselves" here in LA!!!

Kupp Is Family First

No doubt!  After all, Coop may have caught the winning touchdown (twice-one negated by a penalty) but after all, the family and two little Kupp boys - Jamison Kupp Jr. 3 1/2 years old and 1 year old  Cypress Stellar Kupp- .were heading off to meet Mickey Mouse at Disneyland!

MVP - Kupp Earned It!

Some on line commentators have suggested Aaron Donald should have been the MVP and true, he was a crucial part of the puzzle - in the second half.  Kupp's contributions covered the entire game.  Sport illlustrated's half time stats pointed out the peple to watch based on first half performance.

  •  Cooper Kupp: 3 catches, 40 yards, 1 touchdown
  • Darious Williams: 4 tackles
  • Leonard Floyd: 2 tackles, 1 TFL, 1 sack, 1 QB hit

Two Rams defenders were mentioned but no mention of Donald because he made no statistical impact -no hurries, hits or sacks or tackles for loss in the first half.

Donald got his two sacks and best plays in the second half while the consistent Kupp had another 52 yards and the winning touchdown.  The voters gave the nod to Kupp. Well played.

It's exciting to have a hometown hero. Especially one so hardworking, so humble, so loving of team and family over self, and one who takes a knee not to protest, but to thank God for the circumstance he finds himself in...playing his beloved football....the best player, on the best team in the biggest game on planet earth.



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