Study Links Ultra Processed Foods To Cancer
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Well, while those science-types do their studies, the rest of us can do research on our own as to what chocolate treat we like best.  Boehm's in Yakima is open from 10 to 6  M-F and 10 to 5 on Saturday.  Wear a mask and walk on in, but they do make sure the store doesn't get too crowed to protect social distancing.

The folks at Boehm's say their turtles (chocolate/pecans/caramel) are very popular (DUH-SO GOOD!) and their truffles are outstanding.  Chocolate caramels, chocolate cherries and alcohol encased in chocolates are also big sellers.  Dark Chocolate and milk chocolate are equally popular but we're told they do have customers who come in regularly to pick up dark chocolate as "heart attack prevention medicine"!  I like the way they're thinking and it looks Baylor Medical School does too.

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