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Yakima's shrinking financial chickens are coming home to roost, and they aren't bringing any fireworks with them!

Historically, Yakima's Fourth of July celebration was financed largely in part by a $25,000 contribution from the city of Yakima, but budget cuts have ended that. Now the Fourth of July committee is looking for sponsors with financial support to try to make up for the loss. Looking, yes -- but finding?
“We aren’t having much luck,” admits Greg Stewart, the president of the Central Washington State Fair.
Stewart says one option would be to charge people to attend to help cover costs, but with a 28-year track record of free admission, the committee doesn’t want to go that route.
Adding a sense urgency, Stewart says they need to make a decision by the end of the month.  “We have vendors and the carnival company who are trying to set their calendars for the year and we have to let them know if the Fourth of July celebration is a go or no-go here pretty soon," Stewart explains.
The Fourth of July committee is hoping for organizations, individuals or businesses to step up and help keep the event alive.

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