If you've listened to KIT news this month or if you've viewed the Yakima Police Department Twitter page you've heard about Traffic Tuesday. That's the day when Yakima Police Officials post the latest numbers in the department's ongoing traffic emphasis patrols. Capt. Jay Seely who is now in charge of the city traffic unit says he's implemented a new policy and he says it's working to slow drivers. Seely tells KIT News "the motoring public seems to be responding by changing driving behavior which we truly appreciate"
Last year, because of a lack of available officers the city traffic unit was cancelled but it's slowly being built back up to slow drivers.

The emphasis patrols will continue until drivers slow down

Over the last two weeks of this month officers have made 1,948 traffic stops throughout the city of Yakima and issued 840 citations to drivers with hundreds of warnings.
How long will the mass emphasis patrols continue? Seely says the patrols will continue until the "motoring public slows and stops running red lights."

The city is now divided into 4 different areas with Lt.'s assigned to each area

Currently Seely says he's divided the city into four areas assigning a Lieutenant to each area. You can find the information at https://yakimapolice.org/lt-areas-of-responsibility/
Seely says anyone can now click on the area where they live or own and business and find out which Lieutenant is responsible for that specific area or neighborhood.
He says residents can contact the police officials in those specific areas to talk about specific concern like traffic and crime.

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