Ever heard the phrase "as ugly as nine miles of bad road"?  25% of Yakima's streets really are nine miles (and more) of bad road. What do we do about it?A quarter of Yakima's streets are in desperate need of repair.

Fixing them comes with an approximate $30 million pricetag. Where will the money come from? A street bond? New taxes? New license tab fees? Which streets are in the worst shape?

Here at News/Talk 1280 KIT, we'd like your help in identifying Yakima's streets that are in the most need of repair.

Tell us which, in your opinion are Yakima's worst streets. Email the information, along with a picture if possible, to kitnews@townsquaremedia.com. We'll use the information to put together a Top 5 or 10 list of Yakima's Worst Streets.

Please get the information to us as soon as possible, so we can post it on our website at newstalkkit.com by the end of the week.