Debra Manjarrez is the head of the Republican Party in Yakima County and her phone has been burning up since 4th District Congressman Dan Newhouse voted to impeach Donald Trump.

She says 95 to 98 percent of those calls are expressing anger and frustration and most of them want Newhouse to resign or for the party to "do something!"  Manjarrez explains that there is little the party can do since there is no mechanism for voter recall of a federal official.  But what she and a number of her fellow county party chairpersons from the 8 county 4th District did do was write a letter to the Congressman and share the feelings of the voters.

Manjarrrez clarified that in the letter to Newhouse the leadership wasn't asking for Newhouse to step down but that the overwhelming number of his constituents were!  Ms. Manjarrez says party leadership has to consider the big picture and not risk losing the long standing Republican seat to a Democrat.  If Dan Newhouse was to resign without notice and reasonable lead time, the party could be caught scrambling to help the quality candidates needed to best represent the 4th District.

Newhouse has maintained that after much thought and prayer, he voted what his conscience directed him to do.  Manjarrez said she believed that to be true but that the vote would likely come with serious political consequences for a man that she says has done plenty of great work on behalf the District in the past.




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