Yakima Police are warning of a major scam targeting seniors in Yakima. Police spokesman Mike Bastinelli says it's a scam that's already claimed two victims. Bastinelli says the scam works like this. A person calls claiming you've won a large jackpot or lottery and all you have to do is pay taxes on the amount before you given the money. Bastinelli says that should be a red flag it's a scam. He says no sweepstakes or lottery would ask you to pay taxes before being awarded the money. He says two Yakima residents were recently victimized by the scam and lost a total of $14,000.
One of the victims was given a number to an attorney and what he thought was the State Gaming Commission when he had questions. Bastenelli says both the numbers were set up as part of the scam. He says if you get such a call or e mail hang up or ignore the e mail. It's a scam.

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