The Yakima Police Department has a lot of unsolved murders on the books and they're hoping a new addition to the department's web page will help generate tips. The Department has created an interactive map at with dots showing the location of 32 unsolved murders or cold cases over the last 10 years that the department wants to solve and clear from the books. They also want to give families closure.
Yakima Police Chief Matt Murray says detectives in the department already have a high rate of solving cases at 68%. The national average is 61%.
But the detectives need help and that's why the department has created the new interactive map. When a dot showing the location of a murder on the map is clicked there's a brief summary of facts about the case and also a form to help provide tips to police to help solve the murder. Police are simply hoping that the information on the map will help generate usable tips to help solve the cases.
The crime of murder has no statue of limitations which means if evidence is found even 20-years later a person can be charged in the crime. Yakima Police say in fact if the suspect is still alive it doesn't matter how much time has passed since the murder they can still be charged with the crime of murder.

Authorities say they know people know something about the murders that could help police solve cases. They're hoping the map and additional evidence will convince people to help police. You can check out the map at the YPD webpage at

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