A Yakima Police officer had to shoot a Pit Bull dog Monday morning after the dog tried to attack the officer. Police say the officer was called for a domestic disturbance to a home in the 1200 block of Roosevelt Avenue. When the officer arrived two illegal Pit Bulls were found to be living in the home next door. One of the dogs started fighting with the other and the owners tried to intervene but were attacked themselves. One of the dogs started to rush toward the officer who shot the Pit Bull twice. The dog was not killed and was taken by animal control. Police couldn't immediately locate the other dog.  The officer wasn't injured but one of the owners was taken to a hospital with injuries. The investigation revealed that the reported domestic violence issue was actually the owners in the process of separating the two fighting pit bulls.

The attack happened a day before the Yakima City Council is expected to vote on lifting a ban on Pit Bull dogs that's been in place since 1987.

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