Hundreds of people every day get help from the Yakima Union Gospel Mission. The mission offers a warm place and a hot meal to some and others it offers a place to change lives through various programs and services.Trying to raise the money to fund those operations is always a challenge according to the Mission Director Mike Johnson. Each year Johnson and his staff think of creative ways to convince people in Yakima to reach out to the homeless and give what they can. With recent stimulus checks Johnson is hoping some people who don't need the cash will reach out and remember the homeless through a new campaign at the mission called 207 Day.

Between Today and February 7 the Yakima Union Gospel Mission is hoping you'll reach out to someone in need and be a part of 207 day. It's a campaign mission Director Mike Johnson started last month to raise needed funding to feed hungry people at the mission. Johnson says the months of January and February are the toughest months to raise needed funding because people who give, gave over the holidays.
Johnson says so far only 13 people have come forward to be a part of the campaign. Johnson says while he's very thankful to the people who have already come forward he's hoping more people will help before the deadline.

Johnson says if 207 people were to give $207.00 by February 7 the mission would have enough funding to cover all meals for the months of January and February. Johnson is hoping some people will donate part of their stimulus check to the campaign. You can find information and donate at


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