What an evening at the Orion Cinema! If you made it out, you were in for a treat. Lee Vervoort from "The Walking Dead" and his doppelganger, Naches native Jerad Strocsher, who are co-stars of the upcoming film, "The Beast of LBL" were in the house  (or should I say theater) Thursday to give the Yakima Valley a sneak peak of their film. Big shout-out to Orion for accommodating such a fun and unique experience.

Apparently in Kentucky there's a legend of a beast that roams the LBL area ...sounds a lil' like some hairy beasts hanging in the PNW. Except ours just kinda walks around and this one is, well you'll have to watch the film. How it all came about is a pretty cool story -- CLICK HERE for the background.

Meeting Jared and Lee in person last night was very cool too because the resemblance between them is crazy, they BOTH have the same eyes and beards, about the same build. SUPER nice and chill. They are totally brothers from another Mother and acted the part for sure. If you missed them Thursday night, didn't catch them on the radio this morning CLICK HERE then your next chance is tonight (July 13) from 4-6 at Owens Harley Davidson located at 1707 N. First St.. They will be showing a trailer of the film, which is not available to the public yet, taking pictures, signing posters (limited edition cause once there gone there gone) and giving you the chance to purchase T-shirts (while supplies last)

This is a great chance to meet two really genuine people who came together under crazy circumstance to make a movie about a legend. "The Beast of LBL." Hope you get 'em, boys! CLICK HERE for a possible sighting of the The Beast ahhhhh!

Orion Beast of LBL Debut

The trailer has finally arrived and I am happy to say IF you did make it to the Orion, we got to see stuff no-one else got to see :)

CLICK HERE to follow The Beast of LBL on Facebook and check-out the trailer! :)


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