With the unusual weather starting the summer, vendors at the Yakima Farmer's Market were caught off guard on Sunday. But the unseasonal rain has not stopped people from making their way to Yakima Avenue and Third Street to buy some of the freshest food around.

Rains that damaged cherry crops earlier this month still provided customers with enough produce to enjoy, which made vendors happy. Local farmers said if there is too much rain, the cherries split open, rendering them unsellable to the public.

But with a few drops falling from the sky, Third Street was still bustling with people looking for some good fresh food to take home.

"When we first started farmer's market and it would be raining, we would be dead, but now people are really supporting and no matter what, rain or shine, people are here," said Marie Lichota who was shopping at the farmer's market.

The Yakima Farmer's Market runs every Sunday until October 27 from 9:00 in the morning until 2:00 in the afternoon