The familiar sights, smells and people returned to Downtown Yakima. "Come to get the good food, the vegetables and take home for breakfast and lunch and listen to the music, this is a wonderful place," said Caroline Arnold of Yakima. "We've been here since the beginning, and every year it's great," said Nathalyn Dagdagan with Dagdagan Fruit and Produce.

The Yakima Farmers Market Manager said Sunday's the best opening he's had in years. Almost 50 vendors filled 3rd Street. Once it gets later into the season, well over 100 booths will open up. "I remember I started coming here when I was about I think eight, and since then we've expanded like to the next road over, and then there's a ton of vendors and a lot of variety," said Dagdagan. "It's a good atmosphere, I mean it's good for the community, and we've been doing it for 15 years every Sunday," said Manuel Imperial with Imperial's Garden.

Farmers said record high temperatures sped up crop production, and they're about 10 to 15 days ahead of schedule. They said a few seasonal markets in Seattle opened up as early as April with most of their goods coming from the Yakima Valley. "90 percent of Seattle products come from Yakima that they sell at the beginning," said Imperial. "So this is where they come from." "Usually like we just have asparagus and spinach, but now we have radishes and peas today," said Dagdagan. "We're like the first ones with peas."