More than 44,000 ballots were sent out to registered voters in Yakima County in mid January for the February 8 special election. Your ballot is due a week from Tuesday.
The Yakima County Auditors office says so far 6,851 out of the more than 44,000 sent to voters have been returned to the office.

Many school districts in the valley are hoping for  your support

Levies are on the ballot in Grandview, Highland, Mt. Adams, Union Gap, Wahluke, Wapato, West Valley and Zillah School Districts. The Naches Park District is also asking for support for a special 2-year levy.
Many of the districts are asking for renewal of ongoing levies to help fund the schools with no increases or changes.

If you vote your ballot you'll notice a change in the ballot itself

If you haven't yet voted the ballot when you do you'll notice a small change in the ballot. You might notice the lack of the detachable tab on the ballots.
As previously reported, Auditor Charles Ross says his office is making a few small changes to the "way ballots are folded and inserted with the instruction page in the outgoing packets. We do this with the goal of reducing the time it takes to handle each ballot." He says during the last election there was a high number of voters who tore the bottom of their ballots while trying to remove the stub or detachable tab. He says that caused a big delay during the counting of ballots "because the tear in the ballot went through the barcode that the scanner requires to validate and read the ballot." As a result, the stub was eliminated.

You can confirm your vote at instead of using the tab

If you would like to confirm that we received your ballot, or print a receipt for voting, voters can visit and see personalized information about their voting record and the status of their ballot for the current election.

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