Downtown Yakima traffic will continue to be affected by the closure of Yakima Avenue between First and Second streets for another two weeks or so, city officials say.

After a water main broke near Santiago's restaurant on Oct. 25, the city began to evaluate the needs to make the repairs to both the pipes and street. According to a city news release, officials decided to replace all the pipes in the block, a process they expect to be completed this weekend. The pipes are being replaced because the city wants to avoid future ruptures.

The block will then need to have both the roadway and parts of the sidewalks replaced. That process is expected to take until approximately Nov. 12.

The pipes are being replaced by Ken Leingang Excavating, Inc. The pavement work was won on bid by Columbia Asphalt & Gravel, Inc.

The bid was $100,972 and city spokesman Randy Beehler said that the pipe work will add approximately $50,000 to the project, according to the release.