Parole considerations aside, after nearly 9 years in prison O.J. Simpson is a free man.  This would have been a much bigger story but for the horrific mass shooting in Las Vegas on the same night he got out.  So once again the juice is on the loose and the question is this.  Do you care?

The Hollywood Reporter says friends and associates of Simpson have been shopping for a media opportunity to cash in on his first post-prison interview.  So far they haven’t had any luck and according to several TV sources, the reason is because executives at the networks fear advertisers might refuse commercial support and viewers wouldn’t just not watch but might even actively boycott.

It seems like there is always some entity willing to pay for the “exclusive story” and so I wouldn’t bet against it, especially since Simpson could use the cash as he faces a fine of $33.5 million from a 1997 wrongful death suit brought by the Brown and Goldman families.

So again we ask. Do you care about O.J. anymore?  Would you watch an interview about his time in prison, his plans for life after incarceration, his search for the real killers?  Well, would you?

And if not, would you seek to punish any network who took a chance on airing the next chapter in the tale of juice?

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