Special funding available is available  to Yakima Valley Community College students in pursuit of higher education from YVCC's Workforce Education Division.


Funding sources include the Worker Retraining Program and the Basic Food Employment and Training (BFET) Program.

Worker retraining provides assistance to individuals who are receiving Washington State unemployment insurance benefits or those who have lost their job due to economic changes and need to gain new skills to re-enter the workforce. YVCC’s Worker Retraining Program offers training in basic skills and literacy, occupational skills, and vocational education. The program helps cover the cost of tuition and/or books for one quarter of attendance at YVCC.

YVCC's Workforce Education Division also has funding available through the BFET program. BFET provides services to basic food (food stamp) recipients in Washington State. Services may include maintaining eligibility for basic food while in school, child care, job search training and other support services. The BFET program also provides job search, job search training, self-directed job search, educational services, skills training, and other employment opportunities to Basic Food (SNAP) recipients.