It's Women's History Month and while others document the progress made, excellence achieved and gaps to close, let us look at Women In The Workplace in terms of pay and job opportunities. Forbes did some deep digging and found some fascinating facts.

Women Earn More Pay Than Men In Only Three Jobs

It's unfair but a given that the men in the next office will be making more money than most women. The Pay Gap has shrunk on average by about 40 cents per year over the last 60 years. However few, there are careers where women earn higher salaries than men. Women earn:

  • 3% more than men as compliance officers
  • 3% more than men as vocational nurses,
  • 2% more as wholesale and retail buyers.
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One Job Where Men And Women Earn The Same Pay

The classroom is the equalizer for gender pay but NOT at the head of the class. It's teaching assistants where both men and women could use a raise with an average salary of $34,424 per year.  Educational guidance counselors come in close second, with men earning a mere $104 more on average.

Jobs With The Smallest And Largest Gender Pay Gaps

Forbes reports the closest thing to equal pay for equal work can be found in physical and social science jobs, as well as in physical therapy with women earning just 9% less than men.

To find the largest pay gap think location, location, location. That's real estate talk for where the male brokers want to be to make a ridiculous 60% more than women. In second place is personal finance advisors, where men earn 58% more than women in the same role.

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How Education Level Affects The Gender Pay Gap

To make more money get a degree, right, Yes, but...

  • Women with a bachelor’s degree earn 74 cents for every dollar earned by an equally educated man
  • Get even more education and the gap gets wider
Social Security To Increase Payments By Largest Amount In 40 Years
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Gender Pay Gap Really Shows Up When The Work Is Through

Because women are paid less they save less and contribute less to social security.

  • Women contribute 30% less than men to their retirement accounts.
  • On average, women receive 20% less than men in Social Security benefits.

Forbes research found Equal Pay is expected to be achieved by 2056.


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