• You've Come A Long Way Baby - 1963 Average Wage Gap Was 41% 

  • You Still Have A Ways To Go - Average Wage Gap In 2024 is 16%

  • Even With High Wages, Washington's Wage Gap Is Larger Than Most 

Washingtonians make good money, more than most people in other states so part of the explanation for a significant Washington Gender Wage Gap is because of the considerable financial success by the men.

Why This Matters To Washington's Workforce

Women’s earning potential and long-term financial stability are compromised by unequal pay. That leads to major differences in retirement especially considering women will live an average of 6 years longer than men. U.S. men 73.5 years, compared to women 79.3 years. The type of industry, location, education, and experience are all factors that impact the degree of difference in pay between men and women.

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Statewide Comparisons

The three states with a pay gap larger than Washington are Utah, New Hampshire, and Wyoming with the largest wage gap of $18,877. Vermont has the narrowest gender pay gap where women earn only $3,872 less than men.

Washington women's median average pay is $57,567. Only five wealthy New England states and the District of Columbia pay women more, and 28 other states don't even pay the men as much as Washington's women.

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Washington's Big Picture

report by Forbes Advisor says Washington has the fourth largest gender pay gap which means your wife, mother, or sister all get up, show up, and do the job and on payday, if they earn the median annual pay of $57,567, the ladies can expect to be paid on average 16,501 dollars less than a man earning $74,068..  That's about 23%.  (Only MA, NJ, and WA D.C. pay men more than Washington does)


Gender Pay Takeaways

According to Forbes research, in America:

  • Women earn 16% less than men on average but Washington's Gap is about 23%
  • The Center for American Progress projects that gender pay equity won't be reached until 2056
  • Rural Black and Hispanic women make just 56 cents for every dollar men make
  •  Over a 40-year career, a 20-year-old woman just starting stands to lose $407,760

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