Andreas Rentz
Andreas Rentz

We are more than halfway thru spring, summer is dead ahead and you have all those cool summer clothes that still don't quite fit. What to do, what to do?

Some might say turn to your favorite slinky celebrity for advice.  And so we shall or more accurately, so shall E-News!

E! News asked celebrity trainer Harley Pasternak about the five things celebrities do every day to get in shape.
   1. Take 12-14-thousand steps every day.
2. Get at least seven hours of sleep
3. Unplug from all computers, tablets, phones and electronics for one-hour per-day.
4. Stuff your diet with protein and fiber.
5. Do five-minutes of resistance training every day.

For the record, Pasternak's favorite exercises are the skater lunge, stiff-legged dead lift and hip bridge to lengthen the abs.



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