What are your plans for this evening? Let's see, there's a Monday Night Football Double-Header on television - celebrating 50 Years since the NFL decided to go up against Doris Day on Monday nights back in 1970. Que sera sera!

While I might have the games on in the background, I'm going to do the responsible thing and work on my retirement plan. Sure, it's hard-nosed dollars and cents but, hey, I'm going to be glad I spent the time carefully planning for my future. Yep. I'm going to buy a HIT 5 ticket for tonight's record drawing of a whopping $595,000.00!

Brian Stephenson

See, this ticket right here? It's from Saturday's drawing. Now, I didn't win the jackpot or any money for that matter, but this ticket DID result in my winning 1 Free Ticket. So, I'm going to use this to parlay my former investment (um, $10.00) into great big winnings!

Brian Stephenson via iPhone

Many people have opted to play HIT 5 with Washington State Lottery because of the better odds of winning and frankly, smaller jackpots, which are good insofar as they won't completely turn you into a calloused sophisticate overnight - as winning a few hundred million dollars might.

Screenshot via Facebook Washington State Lottery Hit 5

But, behold! The rules for HIT 5 changed a bit last month. Here's how:

  • Drawings will move from three times per week to daily at 8 p.m. PT, giving players more chances to win

  • Number-match prizes will increase to $150 from $100 for four-number matches, $15 from $10 for three-number matches, and a free ticket from $1 for two-number matches

  • Players will now pick five numbers between 1 and 42 instead of 1 and 39

    • --Source: walottery.com

Get all the details and learn more by clicking HERE.

So, yes, odds are not better but the winnings are bigger and there are more chances to play. I guess I'll give it a shot. If you don't hear from me tomorrow, you'll know why.

Speaking of calloused sophisticates.................

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