I love sports logos! It's probably because I've been a Los Angeles Rams fan since I could walk. I still own a replica Rams helmet with white horns. Former Rams halfback Fred Gerhrke created the first helmet logo in the NFL when he painted ram horns on the side of their helmets back in 1948. According to Wikipedia "The newly painted helmets debuted during a pre-season match-up between the Rams and Redskins at the Los Angeles Coliseum before a crowd of 105,000. Upon seeing the new helmets the crowd began cheering which was followed by a five-minute standing ovation. To this day, Gehrke's rams horn logo is still worn by the team." I love the design because it's the easiest sports logo to see from a distance.

Now days most athletic teams have logos... some better than others. My criteria are simplicity (too much detail makes it hard to recognize from a distance), color scheme (do the colors pop and do they work together well?) and badassiness (okay, not a real word but if your team name is the Volunteers you don't exactly strike fear into your opponent). That said, I've created a poll of most of Yakima Valley's High Schools. My apologies to anyone I haven't included but if you're not on the list then I had a hard time tracking down your school's logo. You can add your vote to the space at the bottom that says "other".

With no further adieu here is the poll. Which high school has the best logo in the Yakima Valley?