You try to inch ahead past the car next to you only to end up at the red light. That red light is where you sit and wait and daydream. One man timed himself and he said, on average, he was stuck for 17 minutes a day. It can seem like a lot longer. Here are the longest stop lights that it seems like we idle in Yakima for an eternity.

  • 40th and Summitview

    I'm at this intersection two or three times a day. There are times when it seems like a few minutes pass before the light turns green again.

  • 40th and Castlevale

    This is the intersection I turn left on after leaving Children's Village. The 40th side is fine, but on Castlevale heading either east or west out of that intersection will have you sitting there for longer than you should.

  • 1st and Nob Hill

    Heading over the overpass through Nob Hill never seemed to be an issue for me. It's always when I'm north or south bound that it seems to stay red for longer.

  • 6th and Yakima

    This light isn't supposed to be an issue. Nice lanes, two lanes turn left on lights from Summitview to Yakima, but I think it's that merge that confuses people and gets blocked up, I'm not sure. This one can be rough at times.

  • 1st and Washington

    This is another light that shouldn't be an issue, but totally is. They're just keeping me from going to Toys R Us quicker, I know it.

  • 5th and Lincoln

    This is another location that shouldn't be an issue, but totally is.

  • 40th and Fruitvale

    For me, it's waiting for the green light heading towards Naches. I swear it takes longer. There have been times I could swear it skips me and goes through another cycle before coming back.

  • 72 and Zier

    This road that will lead you to the West Valley schools, I swears, is possessed. There are times it turns from green to red before I get there only to have NOBODY go through the opposite direction. As if the traffic light is playing with me.