I have been on some serious curved roads. They're roads I still want to go on, but I really don't want to drive them. My problem is, I don't want anyone else to drive, either. In Utah, several mountain passes and switchbacks offer amazing views, but you cannot look or you will die. If you want to look, you have to pull over on the very scary side of the road. The Moki Dugway is gorgeous, but treacherous.

Wyoming has one of the worst mountain passes when it is snowing.  One of my old stopping grounds was the Mirror Lake Highway. My mom and my dad both grew up with in miles from this area. In fact, my mom worked for the forest service and we used to camp up there all of the time. When I was a kid, I never thought much about it. But the older I got, the crazier that road got.

The Three Sisters on I-80 can be very crazy. It is a 10 percent grade straight up, and then straight down. It is about a 28-minute drive from where I grew up in Wyoming to Evanston, Wyo. Even in the snow, I would make it to Evanston in less than 16 minutes. If my mom would've known, she would have killed me. But in the snow it is pretty scary.

Parleys Canyon in Utah is pretty bad, too. But just like above, I used to race through it doing 80 mph.

My least favorite mountain pass -- at least one side of it -- is White Pass, right here in Washington. Going over the mountain toward the west isn’t as bad as coming back. I now do not come back that way. I go around. I would rather drive two hours out of my way than freak out the whole eight minutes on the other side of White Pass. I love the view, but hate driving it.


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