Back to normal. Three words that a lot of people will be happy to hear on Wednesday in the State of Washington. June 30 is the day Governor Jay Inslee says the state will reopen with no restrictions even though less than 70% of state residents are vaccinated against COVID-19. However at a news conference earlier this month Inslee told reporters while the state will reopen on Wednesday there will still be capacity limits on large indoor event venues. Large events centers that can hold 10,000 or more people will still be limited to 75% capacity to limit the spread of COVID-19.
But there's no limitations on businesses including bars, restaurants, theaters and fitness centers. They've been limited to 50% capacity.
The latest numbers available show statewide 66% of those 16-years-old or older have the first dose of the vaccine. 70% of King County is vaccinated making Seattle the most vaccinated large city in the United States according to the governor. Inslee says even if the numbers across the state aren't at 70% the state will still reopen on Wednesday.
In Yakima health district officials say 57% of those 16 and older have had a first dose with 50% fully vaccinated. HeathOur work and vaccination efforts continue. Stephanie Badillo-Sanchez Communications Specialist for Yakima Health District says "while as a state, we are close to reaching 70% of individuals vaccinated, we also want to see this number in Yakima County."
The governor says he's confident the number of people vaccinated will continue to grow during the summer months. The Community Vaccination Center at Yakima's State Fair Park will remain open until further notice.


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