Where Can I See The Final Boeing 747?

It's the end of an era in Washington State as the final 747 is delivered wrapping up an extraordinary legacy for Boeing.

The Boeing 367-80 N70700
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When Is The Final Boeing 747 Being Delivered?

As long as I've been alive, there's been a Boeing 747 in the skies and the final 747 is set to be delivered to Atlas Air, the largest 747 airline fleet in the world. The 747 final sendoffs video stream is going to be live and you can observe starting at 1 PM.

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What makes the Boeing 747 so important to Washington State?

The Boeing 747 is an iconic and beloved aircraft that has been in operation for over 50 years.

It was first introduced in 1970 and quickly became the world’s most recognizable passenger plane. Its main building facility is the Everett Plant, which just happens to be one of the largest buildings in the world covering over 98 acres.

Model Of The New Boeing 747
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In fact, the 747 still holds many records for commercial aviation, including having flown more passengers than any other aircraft. Pan Am wanted a jet that could carry more passengers and reduce its cost by 30% hence the birth of the 747.

Boeing 747
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The Boeing 747 was revolutionary from its inception because it introduced a number of new technologies that had never been seen before in commercial aviation. This included four powerful engines that allowed for faster speeds than other planes at the time as well as greater fuel efficiency due to its larger size and higher capacity fuel tanks.

Space Shuttle Returns To Kennedy Space Center
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The 747 is iconic, heck it even carried the space shuttle, and will go down in aviation history as one of the greatest innovations ever made in flight. As Boeing gets set to deliver that last of the line for the 747, you can watch the live stream here to watch the farewell celebration and the end of an era for Boeing's 747.

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