The coronavirus gets its name, according to Queensland Health, because "virions give off the appearance of a crown when the virus is examined with an electron microscope."  In Latin, the language of scientifically naming things, corona means crown.

So right now the virus that wears the crown has the power of the king to close down events, crush longstanding plans and programs, separate us from each other and disrupt business, travel, education and recreation.

Here's the latest local information;

  • The Yakima Herald Republic (YHR) reports a third confirmed case in Yakima County.
  • The Yakima Health District says it won't be releasing the number of cases tested, just the number of those who have tested positive and as per Federal Law, no identities will be released.  Health officials did say all three county residents with Coronavirus are not in the hospital but are recuperating at their homes.
  • At the hospital, Virginia Mason Memorial (VMM) officials are now restricting visitors and volunteers except for a few limited circumstances.  The Herald reports that VMM has established a telephone helpline at (509)-249-5097 for those with questions about symptoms.
  • A news release from the Yakima Union Gospel Mission (YUGM) says that at the hospital's request, YUGM will be delivering an army tent.  YUGM bought the tent 15 months ago for its own emergency response capacity but the Emergency Department at the hospital called with their need for the tent.
  • Drive-up testing for people with symptoms is being established at Astria Toppenish with plans for multiple testing locations in the works.

And if the fear of coronavirus is enough to send you to Catholic Mass to seek some divine relief, think again. Bishop Joseph Tyson of the Catholic Diocese of Yakima has canceled public Masses and  “suspended indefinitely the public celebration of all Masses in the Diocese of Yakima.”




The YHR has done a good job of collating known church cancellations...The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has temporarily suspended all church events worldwide...the Episcopal Diocese of Spokane suggests congregations suspend public worship for three weeks ...Grace of Christ Presbyterian Church canceled services for this Sunday.  A number of area churches also offer services on line.

Keep in mind this health emergency is a rapidly changing event and you are encouraged to check back here for updated information.




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