Won’t mom and dad be so proud of their little college student when they come home and announce they are doing really well in their class on learning how to “BS “ and by “BS” I don’t mean Bachelor of Science!

 Dr. JEVIN WEST of the University of Washington is offering a course in Critical thinking that he calls "bad science" because he says he can't use the "other" name more bovine in nature

West says the ability to BS is something that can be used in any circumstance. He notes the ability to identify BS, sift through the BS, to be able to respond to BS is a good thing.

Does it sound like an important component to a well educated student  -OR- does it sound like an easy grade “A”?   What do the numbers say? The course is planned to start in the spring and already have over a hundred thousand users sign up.

Dr. West says the class is more or less critical reasoning and statistical inference but he says he thought students would gloss over that kind of description in their course catalog.


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