ROAD TRIP!!!!   Alright, Washingtonians...your Spring Break travel plans are set...AND we can save you some gas money in the process.  How you ask?

Weighing The Factors Of Travel Destinations

First, the way to save on high gas prices is to use less by taking shorter trips.  Shorter trip = less gas to get there. (DUH)

Second, not One but Two of the Top Locations To Visit In America For 2022 are here in the Pacific Northwest!

A new study by luggage shipping company MyBaggage has determined the top locations to visit in America for 2022 by analyzing popularity, weather, cost of activity, Tripadvisor review score, and TikTok views.

Let Tik Tok Be Your Guide

Tik Tok views?  Yup. Lots of ' tens of millions of them!  The survey says searches for ‘Spring break family vacations are up 250%. People want to get out and hit the road.  Hiking trails, views and vistas, and thrill-seeking fun are all to be found -or so I'm told- highlighted on Tik Tok.

Two Cheers For The Pacific Northwest

Vancouver Aquarium Introduces Three Steller Sea Lion Pups
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At number One is the Oregon Coast!  Lincoln City, OR, is just 272 miles away, 5 hr 9 min by car.  At 22 miles per gallon, that's about 25 gallons round trip and at $4.50 a gallon, you can figure the trip would cost about $112 bucks in fuel.  But there are plenty of other great stops along the coast as well and you can check them HERE.  Tik Tok reports 254.4 million views!

attachment-pt townsend

At number Ten on the list is Port Townsend, WA.  Located on the northeast corner of the Olympic Peninsula, Port Townsend is one of only three Victorian seaports on the National Register of Historic Places. It's 233 miles away from Yakima which is 4 hr 6 min with a slightly less but comparable cost to Lincoln City.  Tik Tok reports 958,000 views of the charming Victorian town.

From the Port Townsend Tourism Website:

Port Townsend is steeped in fascinating history, from its early Native American roots to its Victorian architecture and maritime legacy, boasting two National Historic Landmark Districts. Opportunities for outdoor adventure abound, from beaches to Olympic National Park. This charming village-by-the-sea has an artistic soul, world-class culinary venues, and is the perfect place to leave ordinary behind and experience extraordinary.

If your gas budget is unlimited and you can go anywhere in the country, the study shows these destinations ripe for a Spring Break visit.

Other Great Adventures


Olympic Hopeful Resi Stiegler
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2 Jackson Hole Wyoming

Otis Redding 75th Birthday Celebration
Rick Diamond

3 Macon Georgia

Record Rains Spawn Epic Floods In Austin, Texas Hill Country
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4 Texas hill country Texas

Sedona Arizona Scenics
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5 Sedona Arizona

Nantucket And Martha's Vineyard Struggle With Tourism Due To COVID-19

6 Nantucket Island Massachusetts

USA Pro Challenge - Stage 4

7 Garden of the Gods Colorado

Interscope Coachella Party
Getty Images for Interscope Reco

8 Palm Springs California

View From Clingman's Dome
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9 The Great Smoky Mountains North Carolina and Tennessee

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