Yakima City official say commercial truck traffic is no longer allowed on a section of 66th Avenue as well as on Prospect Way and Cowiche Canyon Road due to damage to the roadway. Signs indicating the heavy truck traffic restriction are in place now and will remain in place until the restriction is lifted.
The section of 66th Avenue between Englewood Avenue and Scenic Drive has suffered significant damage due to winter weather, which cannot be repaired until Yakima area asphalt plants reopen in the spring. Until then, heavy trucks will not be allowed on that portion of 66th Avenue nor on Prospect Way (which connects with 66th Avenue to the north) or Cowiche Canyon Road (which connects with Prospect Way).
Neither Prospect Way nor Cowiche Canyon Road have suffered severe road damage, but vehicles traveling south on Cowiche Canyon Road from Powerhouse Road would likely eventually use Prospect Way to connect with 66th Avenue and encounter the damaged portion of 66th. Vehicles heading north on 66th past Scenic Drive are likely to use Prospect Way and Cowiche Canyon Road to connect with Powerhouse Road.
Once asphalt plants are reopened, necessary repairs will be made to the section of 66th between Englewood and Scenic Drive and the heavy truck restriction will likely be lifted.

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