A Trooper with the Washington State Patrol in Sunnyside was injured in a crash Thursday after his vehicle was struck from behind while parked on the side of I-82. According to a post on Twitter the Trooper's vehicle was struck on the right shoulder of  I-82 near Sunnyside and that backed up traffic on the interstate.

The Trooper was taken to a hospital for treatment

The Trooper was taken to a hospital for treatment. We don't know the condition of the Trooper or if the other driver was injured.
Being struck on the side of the road is a big concern for Washington State Patrol Troopers and other local and state authorities.

If you drive don't forget about the Move Over law

Officials from the patrol remind drivers all the time to abide by the state's Move Over law which requires drivers to move to the next lane when they see an emergency vehicle, tow truck, work zone, or emergency scene that's parked or slowly moving along the road. If a driver can't move over to the next lane they're required to slow down by at least 10 mph below the speed limit.

Troopers are always in danger when working on the road

It's a serious problem. State officials estimate about 30 times a year a trooper or a vehicle is struck on the side of the road while Troopers are speaking to other drivers. They say between 2007 and 2022 more than 200 State Patrol Vehicles have been struck on the side of the road. Oddly, no Troopers were killed but many have been injured over the years.
Many Officers and Troopers say they've had a lot of close calls and hope drivers are paying attention when they're working in the office which for many is the side of the road.

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