Toys for Tots is a well-known charitable organization in the United States that collects and distributes toys to underprivileged children during the holiday season. The history of Toys for Tots dates back to the late 1940s, and it has since become a beloved tradition.

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Toys for Tots Origins:

The Toys for Tots program was founded by Major Bill Hendricks, a Marine Corps Reserve officer, in 1947. He was inspired by his wife, Diane, who wanted to donate a homemade Raggedy Ann doll to a child in need but couldn't find an organization to facilitate the donation. Major Hendricks, along with a group of Marine Corps Reservists in Los Angeles, decided to take action.

The First Toys for Tots Campaign:

In its inaugural year, the Toys for Tots program collected and distributed 5,000 toys to needy children in the Los Angeles area. Major Hendricks and his group of Marine Reservists gathered toys by placing collection bins at local businesses and through personal donations. Their efforts were so successful that they decided to expand the program nationally.


Toys for Tots Adoption by the Marine Corps:

In 1948, Toys for Tots was officially adopted by the United States Marine Corps as a nationwide campaign. Major General Alexander Vandegrift, the Commandant of the Marine Corps at the time, authorized the program to be conducted as an official Marine Corps Reserve mission.

Growth and Impact Toys for Tots:

Over the years, Toys for Tots has grown significantly. It has gained the support of celebrities, businesses, and communities across the country. The program has collected and distributed millions of toys to millions of children in need, bringing joy and hope to families during the holiday season.


Toys for Tots Partnerships:

Toys for Tots has established partnerships with various organizations and corporations, including Disney, Hasbro, and the Marine Toys for Tots Foundation. These partnerships have helped expand the program's reach and impact.


Toys for Tots Annual Campaign:

Each year, from October through December, Toys for Tots conducts its annual toy drive. Local businesses, schools, community organizations, and individuals participate by donating new, unwrapped toys. The toys are then collected, sorted, and distributed to children in need through a network of Marine Corps Reserve units and community organizations.

Friday, December 8th, the annual Toys for Tots Drive at Steve Hahn Auto Group in Yakima will welcome Valley residents to stop by all day and bring a new, unwrapped toy to be distributed locally to children of all ages with a special gift for the holidays.

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Toys for Tots has become a symbol of goodwill and generosity during the holiday season, bringing smiles to the faces of countless children and spreading the spirit of giving across the nation. It continues to thrive and make a positive impact on families and children in the Yakima Valley.



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