Ok.  I give up.  First it is, then it isn't, then it is and now it really isn't.  What's a social and health conscious drinker to do?

I have posted a lot of stories over the past few years as to the benefits and concerns of drinking Yakima Valley produced alcoholic beverages.  With the importance of hops, wine and wine grapes to the region's economy, it is a topic of legitimate inquiry.    So what does this latest bit of research wizardry reveal?

For starters most of us know that drinking too much alcohol is unhealthy in many ways, but this new study reveals that even drinking in moderation is more harmful than previously thought.  (but if they were wrong before, how do we know they aren't wrong now?)

The study published in the journal -The Lancet- is being called comprehensive as it analyzed information from millions of people in nearly 200 countries and it found alcohol is tied to nearly three million deaths globally each year.

But we have also been told about the protective or preventative health effects of alcohol and in particular red wine, and now we are being advised that those alleged "benefits" are offset by alcohol's risks. The findings strongly contrast with most health guidelines which say moderate drinking - about one drink a day for women and two for men - is safe.

Stanford University conducted this study of lots of other studies and concluded that alcohol is one of the world's leading causes of disability, disease and death with abstinence as their ultimate recommendation. (FOX)

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