Happy Fathers Weekend.  Thanks to DAD, you are here to read this...and so are any brothers or sisters you may have.   Having a sibling can be awesome or awful.  If they are your best friend it can be great or they can drive you crazy, but there's no denying they have an impact on your life and even your personalty.   (Thanks Dad.)

​Elite Daily reports that behavioral therapists consider it tricky to determine which character traits you were born with, and which you picked up from the behaviors of the people around you, like dad and those siblings.

Dr. Robert Glatter, an assistant professor of emergency medicine, says siblings' personalities can rub off on one another in three specific ways: how you express your emotion, how you act in social situations, and your eating habits.  Think about your kin for a moment in those ways -emotion, social behavior, eating--can you see any of them in you or you in them?

Doc Glatter says you'll likely pick up on these types of habits early on in life, but it's during your teen years you'll either decide to permanently adopt or reject them.

No matter how you are today, whether you're habits are like the sibs or not, ultimately, half of you is on your pops, so give him a break ...and a card...and a beer this Sunday!

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