Looking back on my childhood I don’t recall much coaching or encouragement to “face my fears”.  I do recall not much empathy and what bordered on ridicule-at least to my sensitive ears.  As a result, a played things a bit cautiously throughout much of my life.

I want a little more space, freedom and confidence for my daughter Kate so I’m working with her on trying new things and facing the fears of her own.

Science says your own brain is standing by to help.  Mental health counselor John Matthews told Elite Daily, "The ‘fight' in fight-or-flight means persevering in the face of danger. Take sky diving. (no Thanks!)

Stepping out of the plane is basically a fight against your self-preservation instincts--a lot of internal alarms start ringing to tell you that jumping from 13,000 feet may not be in your best interest.

But if you are determined to fight (or jump) your brain will unleash a cocktail of chemicals to help you do what needs to be done!

And it’s chemistry  that explains that feeling you get after you walk away from something scary and don't know where your ability to withstand it came from. Call it an adrenaline rush but its more than that, including dopamine and serotonin!

Bottom line –Science says when you feel you just have to get out of your comfort zone and do something “edgy”, the good news is that  your brain will adapt to exactly the thing you wish to do.  BUT..I’m pretty sure my brain has a big override button!

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