While I do love beer, I like hard cider even more. Slowly hard ciders are gaining a bigger and bigger share of the market according to DraftMag.com. Since more apples are grown in Washington than any other state it makes sense that a lot of the great ciders come from Central Washington.

Then it follows that there will be "cideries" or cider pubs, basically a tasting room for cider lovers. Tieton Cider Works operates the only such cidery that has it's own tasting room here in Yakima. Because of the crowd that drinks hard cider however, there is almost no chance you'll accidentally drive by it. It's not a main drag and it's in a part of town where residential meets light industrial. I found it by accident when I did a Google search for where to buy their pear cider, which wasn't in any of the stores I looked in. The address popped up and to my surprise their tasting room was here in town. You have to seek it out at 619 W J St.

I found my pear cider and other varieties that I didn't find in any store. It's in a super hip, reclaimed industrial warehouse setting. To my surprise they told me that more people from out of town new about the tasting room than folks in town.

Since Todd and I are huge hard cider fans, we'll be making a pilgrimage soon.

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