There is a law of the universe that says, "if you think about buying a blue car, you will see blue cars EVERYWHERE."

I have found the same hold true for buying a house or doing a remodel.  I'm working toward a kitchen remodel...look, who are we kidding, my WIFE is working on a remodel and I'm just going along for the ride.  So now I see articles and pictures and stories on the subject everywhere I look....Including on our sister station's website.

Over at 92.9 The Bull you'll find a story about a sweet 2 million dollar deal right here in Yakima!  "According to the listing at, this gem on Yakima's prestigious Scenic Drive boasts 4 bedrooms, 6.5+ baths, over 9,000 square feet of luxurious living space on 1.7 acres. 6504 Scenic Dr. is right on the corner of Scenic and N.66th Avenue. It's listed at just under $2M - a cool $1,975,000. "

That 2 million goes a lot farther here than across the Cascades but that doesn't mean people aren't still beating down the door to get into Seattle.



Cinch Home Services surveyed more than 1,000 homeowners and potential homebuyers on their home preferences and preferred relocation areas in 2021.

Here's how the Evergreen State showed up.

Overall, Seattle, WA ranks as the #3 most desired moving destination among the 50 most populous cities in the U.S (13.5%)

Seattle ranked #5 in the top cities that Millennials wish to move to (13.8%), #5 for Baby Boomers (15.4%), and #4 for Gen X (12.2%)

The top factors people consider - 1. Low crime rate (48.1%), 2. Climate (45.3%), 3. Low cost of living (44.9%), 4. Size of the city (44.6%)

The most desired styles of home - 1. Modern (49.9%), 2. Ranch (34.1%), 3. Townhouse (28.8%), 4. Farmhouse (25.5%)

The Emerald City continues to be a top draw during the pandemic despite the recent history of chop, regular protests, the uber liberal Mayor and City Council, the high price of housing and resulting homeless nightmare, the traffic, increasing crime and so much more that has lost a lot of luster for many of us who used to hold Seattle in high regard.

For more on the stats and infographics from the study check out the report.  Thanks Cinch!


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