Through the years, the Norelco Shavers Santa has entertained us with his "floating heads" sleigh. But now, Santa has a hot new ride for the 21st Century!

I remember as a kid back in the sixties watching Saturday afternoon sports programming on TV. Whether it was the Pro Bowler's Tour, or Wide World of Sports, one thing was always consistant if you were watching in December: Norelco Shavers ads and the Norelco Santa.
No regular sleigh with reindeer for him, no sir! He had the Norelco triple floating heads to ride on! Gliding over a pristine snow covered landscape, showing you that a Norelco shaver would glide over your beard, just like Santa glided over the snow.

All well and good back in the '60s. But now Santa has a new ride for 2011!

Woo Hoo! Where can I get one of those? Not to shave with, but to ride like Santa! Bet ya it does warp speed! Sure can shave a reindeer fast!