Let's agree that on a one to ten scale of evil, Neo-Nazis are a ten, NO question about that. Worst ever -  and what the driver did in the Charlottesville crowd is evil and murder.  Did he do it on behalf of any group or organization or was it his own sick racist thing…I’m not sure we know yet. Published reports said he had a childhood fascination with hitler and another said he was medicated for schizophrenia as a kid.  Mentally ill? Still too early to know.   Is this where the story is supposed to end?

Some say yes, it was Neo-Nazis, so nothing else matters!  But there was more to it than that, wasn't there?  If it was just the neo-nazis that showed up we wouldn’t even be here. Another group placed themselves on a collision course prepared to meet violence with violence.  That in NO WAY excuses the death of a lovely young woman but it is a real factor in the crime.
These other protesters, were they locals?  Were they good guy everyday Americans rising up in real righteous anger...or where they the kind of subsidized professional anarchists and agitators spoiling for a fight...like the people who fought and burned Ferguson, Baltimore, Berkley, Trump rallies, etc. “It doesn’t matter Dave, the other guys were Nazis!!”  Maybe not so fast…their contributory violence and bad behavior cannot be condoned or glossed over  because of the heinous philosophy and nature of their opponents. But that’s just what’s happening…because the other guys are Nazis.

Trumps first tweet - “We ALL must be united & condemn all that hate stands for. There is no place for this kind of violence in America. Lets come together as one!”   What's so objectionable about that? Its what he didn't say?  Still waiting for details, he sends America a message but of course it's not enough.

Later Trump says “The hate and the division must stop and must stop right now,” Trump said, without specifically mentioning white nationalists or their views. “We condemn in the strongest possible terms this egregious display of hatred, bigotry and violence on many sides. On many sides.”

Ok, there's the crime. By not specifically calling out white nationals, white supremacists and the KKK at this particular moment, the president MUST HAVE BEEN covering for them.  "“We condemn in the strongest possible terms this egregious display of hatred, bigotry and violence..." That means nothing, right?

And "many sides"? There are no "many sides" as long as one side is Neo-Nazis, then that is the only side that matters, right?

Do not get me wrong.  Nazi's don't deserve any sympathy of any kind for the clash, but they had a permit and in America they have a constitutional right to stage a peaceful protest...why not let them have a true showing of their twisted values and obscene character? And as ridiculous as it seems to say, they even have a right to expect police protection - not a stand down.  That's what America stands for, the worst among us have inalienable right too.

BUT - Antifa and others groups were there to be sure it wasn't going to be peaceful.  They are culpable for the violence as well  If Neo-nazis are an evil  ten...then the far left is what?, a (.1) in a straight world wide comparison... but maybe a two or three for their recent impact on America today?  I’m not making a case for any kind of moral equivalent…there is No moral equivalent, but there should be no free pass either for far left bad behavior and those who accept it without call out or question...and all Trump did was to point that out.

He used his language his way. Which is always fair game for detractors and the press.

The truth is there ARE good people who want to save the civil war statues for legitimate purposes, even including some African American groups - AND - there are good people who are legitimately concerned about the painful racist message those statues represent. Good people on both sides …just as Trump said.

There should be a reasonable national conversation about them … the worth to society of Civil War statues is NOT settled cultural science. We need to talk,  but the problem is the NAZI legacy....if you call yourself a neo-nazi, then baby murdering serial killers are welcome to join the protest without question, there is no limit on who or how bad you are if you are willing to punch a nazi in the face or hit one with a stick....and THAT skews the entire conversation...all perspective is lost.  Sure they “deserve” to get their butts kicked and more, but this wasn’t some generic, heroic, stand up for the red-white-and-blue kind of pushback. This was organized and prepared confrontation.  This was some bad guys fighting against even worse guys and stupid guys reporting on it. And one casualty of that is the truth.

Tragically a little ways away from the fights,a young woman died and many were injured by a racist, perhaps mentally ill, coward who deserves to die in prison.  But he doesn't represent the right anymore than the shooter at the baseball park in D.C. represents the left.

We can't let the loud angry voices on the fringe seeking to exploit and the howls of the media which has abdicated its responsibility and lost its soul,  to try to convince us otherwise.

We ALL need to slow down before mob mentality takes over the country, breathe, take time to weep for the dead and injured,  but vow to get to and accept only the truth.

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