On This Day in History....we acknowledge the passing of the Good, the Bad and the Ugly..no, not Clint Eastwood, he's still with us and turns 88 in 4 months. And not spaghetti western director Sergio Leone who passed in April of 1989.

This edition of the G-B-U highlights the lives and character of three well known personalities.

On January 25, 2017  -- Actress Mary Tyler Moore died. She was the star of TV's The Mary Tyler Moore Show and The Dick Van Dyke Show  She was 80 and she played the "GOOD" girl throughout her much beloved career.

On this same day that Ms. Moore died, actor John Hurt also passed away.  He was 77 and during his distinguished career he played numerous "BAD" including the twisted Roman Emperor Caligula.

Al Capone On His Way To Prison
Getty Images


As for the "Ugly", they don't come much uglier than the vicious gangster known as Scarface.  Al Capone contracted syphilis while working as a bouncer in a bordello and his embarrassment kept him from seeking readily available treatment.  Finally busted for tax evasion in 1931 he went to prison for 11 years, first in Atlanta and later to the new facility on Alcatraz.

His syphilis caused dementia got so bad he was released early in 1939 and and after a little more than a half dozen miserable years, America's former Public Enemy #1 died in Florida in 1947. It was an ugly end to a very ugly fellow.

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