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disingenuousness - the quality of being disingenuous and lacking candor. dishonesty - the quality of being dishonest. deceitfulness, guile, craftiness - the quality of being crafty.
Here's a question for a rational mind.  If you were a congressional representative and claimed to be serious - NOT being disingenuous - about a true and reasonable attempt at crafting legis​lation on preventing gun violence, wouldn't you want to hear testimony from a fellow congressman who had recently actually experienced gun violence?  Does that make too much sense?  Is that reasonable?  And if the answer is "no, we don't want to hear from you", why might that be?  What kind of motivation might you have that would render such testimony as unimportant, uninteresting or irrelevant?
Fox News recently reported that Democrats on the House Judiciary Committee refused to allow House Republican Whip Steve Scalise, R-La.,  to testify at a hearing on gun violence about his experience as a victim of the congressional baseball practice shooting two years ago.  The hearing was called “Preventing Gun Violence: A Call to Action”.  But Democrats said there were too many people to call and that limited work time was the deciding factor.  Republicans said Scalise was denied because despite his personal experience with gun violence, he disagreed with the the Bill known as H.R. 8.

Fox News reports, "Scalise says he applauds the intent to pursue a reduction in gun violence, but that he does not support new gun control restrictions being considered in the hearing, and that the focus should be on stopping criminals instead. He argued that the measures proposed in legislation to ramp up background checks () would not have prevented any recent mass shootings, nor would it have halted the gunman who shot him.....H.R. 8 could turn law-abiding citizens into criminals while also failing to achieve the stated purpose of reducing gun violence.”

As Scalise said to Fox, "It’s not a good way for the Democrats to start their new majority by trying to suppress opposing viewpoints and there are going to be a lot of controversial issues that go before the Judiciary Committee in the next two years...If they start to run it like a kangaroo court, it's going to really hurt their credibility and ultimately show that they’re not about getting facts out, they're just trying to promote a leftist agenda, and that would be a mistake on their part."

OPINION - Welcome to the ridiculous conduct of the Democratically held House of Representatives in the age of Trump.  And it's only going to get worse.  You are seeing it on full display now in the House Judiciary oversight of the acting Attorney General. It is disgusting and an insult to Americans of every stripe.

They make the mistakes and the citizens of the United States pay for them.  Can't we do better? Please.

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