Did you pick up your Christmas Tree this weekend?  A number crunching tech company called “Square” ran the figures from the purchase of tens of thousands of trees to learn what you probably already know.  This weekend was the busiest time/worst days for crowds to attempt to buy your tree!

But wait, they have more!

They say to avoid crowds you'll want to go for your tree in the middle of the week, and the closer you get the Christmas the less crowded and less expensive the experience will be.

The data also showed the average cost of a tree varied a lot by location and the specific type of tree bought, but the lowest average price was in $27 in North Dakota, which makes little sense since there are virtually no trees in the state, while the most expensive average price is in California at $76.

Whenever you go, may you find the perfect specimen and may your holiday be merry and bright!  (Time)

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