A brutal attack on a United States veteran took place at a McDonald's in Washington, D.C. There is a lot that goes along with this story but, one of my biggest concerns is that not one person standing out front of the McDonald's helped this veteran. Not one. More than one took part in his attack. How can anyone live with themselves after this? Do you think that the people standing there watching went home and said to themselves 'I wish I would have done more?'  I hope so but, chances are they did not.

Reports of this attack say that it was kids taunting him and asking him questions like 'do you think black lives matter?' The man is a veteran. He is a decorated war veteran. He stood up for this country. He stood up for everyone in it. Of course he thinks black lives matter. He thinks white lives matter. He thinks that Chinese lives matter. He thinks everyone matters or he wouldn't have put on that uniform.

I cannot believe that any of this happened. Whoever you are that attacked a veteran, I hope you re-evaluate your priorities because, what you did is disgraceful.

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