It must be a millennial thing. Wedding season is underway and as hard as it is for me to believe - more and more couples are choosing to have tattoo artists at their weddings who give tattoos as wedding favors.  (have you checked the divorce rate lately?)

The New York time reports that a Pennsylvania Tattoo artist who has been tattooing for 22 years, recently made weddings his whole business and since last June he's gotten more than 2,000 inquiries for his services.
His system is straight forward and simple.  For each event he creates four to six small designs from which guests can choose. He says he tattoos on legs, arms, or shoulders, but chests and other more risque body parts are generally off-limits.

Tattoo artists say newlyweds and guests who wouldn’t normally get a tattoo, often make the choice for ink when they’re among their family and friends and caught up in the wedding moment.

My daughter Sarah didn't do "tattoos as parting gifts"  at her wedding but she is having her wedding bouquet tattooed on her shoulder and I have to admit, I like it!

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