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Cow Genetics Study; Canadian Wine WTO Violation
EPA and the National Bio-diesel Board disagree on the possible output of gallons of bio-diesel fuel. Research studies cow genetics for better productive and profits and WTO reopen complaints about wine retailing in British Columbia
GMO Labeling and Country of Origin Labeling Under Review
The Senate Agriculture Committee will markup Chairman Pat Roberts GMO labeling bill Thursday. Roberts released a draft of the bill last week that drew applause from many agriculture groups. However, it’s unclear if Democrats will be able to ignore pressure from pro-labeling groups un…
U.S. Avoids $1 Billion Tariffs; Bayer Looks Toward Expansion
Following its passage, Canadian officials praised the U.S. spending bill that included a repeal of mandatory meat country-of-origin labeling. The repeal averted a potential trade war as the bill avoids $1 billion worth of retaliatory tariffs Canada and Mexico were authorized to impose on the United …

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