Ag News: Women Ag Earners
Data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics using 2017 numbers that show the weekly median salary for men was $963, while women earned just over $1,100 per week.
City Of Yakima Willing To Pay To Get O’Rourke
Yakima is in position to shell out a lot of money to land the man wanted for the next city manager. A proposed contract up for debate would pay Anthony O'Rourke $175,000 a year, plus money for travel and a phone. O'Rourke makes the same salary now in South Lake Tahoe...
Look In The Mirror, Is That An Advantage?
We joke Lance Tormey and I joke about being too handsome for radio.  It's a joke, really...but the question is, If it were true, would it show up in our paycheck? Do good looks pay off financially as well as socially...fair question and the subject of a new book!